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May 18, 2015. | By: Laura

####Tech stemkoski - simple examples about Three.js. good place to start and scramble the elements to desire
Google Cardboard - official website with SDK to download, and Github links
Jsfeat - JS library for computer vision
Unofficial Cardboard - where I got my first Cardboard before I made myself

Intro to WebRTC - how to user your camera and microphone
WebRTC Tips & Tricks - it’s like a cheatsheet about WebRTC!
GetMediaDevices - SUPER useful website to know the name of all the media you can access on the device you have. open the website with either computer or phone to see
Performance Improvement - what to do and beaware to improve performance
Device Orientation - utilize the accelerometer and gyroscope of your phone

Acapela Group - where I got my Puppet voice
Detect Human Touch - how to detect human touch

####Fabrication Cardboard Collective - amazing website about what you can do with simple cardboard <3
Paper Mache - detailed website documenting the process of making paper mache by lady Jonni Good
Puppet Builder - materials you need to make a puppet with foam
Puppet Vision - info and inspirations about puppets!
Puppets and Performing Objects - webpage of class PAPO in ITP, taught by Ithai Benjamin

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How To Make A Mask

May 18, 2015. | By: Laura

Super rough draft :P


  • Download Pepakura on PC ( I know… T_T )
  • Password here :P
  • Import 3D model
  • Set size
  • Unfold
  • Laser Cut or scissors

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Thesis DONE!

May 15, 2015. | By: Laura

####YEAHHHHH THESIS’s done! Just finished the public presentation of MASK and people liked it yah :D

So emotional. I <3 ITP.

(updated 5/25) There’s the video of my thesis presentation!

###V i d e o

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Fabrication Overview

May 7, 2015. | By: Laura

####What I Used cardboard - ask for used box in wine shop; buy one paper and ask for cardboard protector/holder (Blick)
paperstock - various colors, good for prototype (Blixk)
wax paper
mylar - transparent and durable but less easier to fold (Blixk)
foam - from “Economy Foam & futons”

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Tech Overview

May 6, 2015. | By: Laura

####What I Used Google Cardboard - put inside MASK
Three.js - platform to build the virtual world
Maya - modeling, rigging, animation
Pepakura - mask paper template generator
Peer.js - WebRTC peer-to-peer data, video, and audio calls
Arduino - physical computing
Eagle - muscle sensor circuit design

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May 5, 2015. | By: Laura

Thesis internal presentation was done. YAHHHHH. A lot of things to add and also a lot of things to change.

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